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I’m transitioning from my day to day operations position as the Director of Business Development at the GBTC and will be joining  LocalUp Solutions as a Product Manager. I’ve been very fortunate to have the “why and how” conversation with a … Continue reading

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Successful People Are Happy

Because they are. And surely you’re saying “Brian, my dearest friend, is anyone making the argument that successful people are unhappy?” Yes, but not directly. Allow me to explain… One of the more awesome things about my role with the GBTC is that … Continue reading

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The Art of the Intro

A big part of my job is connecting people, I talk to people who’d be good to collaborate, and I enjoy connecting them. You should be doing the same thing – you’ll find that making introductions will make people want to … Continue reading

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Baltimore Exit Interview – Paul Capestany

For those of you who don’t already know Paul, he’s been a great community figure, helping to energize Baltimore by being an organizer in Tech Crawl East, Innovate Baltimore, Startup Weekend, Cowork Charles, and a lot more. He went through the process … Continue reading

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Be the Cofounder You’re Looking For

Much has been said on the topic of finding a technical cofounder, ranging from what exactly to look for, to why you’re an idiot for hiring developers the way you have been, and basically everything in between. I’ve been fortunate … Continue reading

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