About this site:
So we’re all learning new things everyday, right? Right.

This is a place to capture some of that knowledge as we gather it. Will add more to the vision as it evolves.

About me:
Brian Sierakowski is the Product Manager for LocalUp Solutions, a GBTC advisor, and is also a curator for the Baltimore Startup Digest. Aside from those two, he enjoys recreational Product Management, programming (in Python (or Ruby (if he has to))), using parentheses, Interaction Design, Frontend Development, and (very) short walks on the beach. His tweets can be found at twitter.com/bsierakowski, and his newly started blog ThingsILearnedYesterday.com would love some company.

More Links:
If your curiosity for all things Brian Sierakowski has not yet been quenched, you can see some of my other stuff here:

  • Twitter – @bsierakowski, a collection of thoughts on current events, and cats.
  • The Prodcast – A podcast about Product Management, which is a part of…
  • The Castcast Network – A collection of awesome local Podcasts.
  • Cahoots – The first real project that I had the honor of working on.
  • My Github – See my awesome codez.
  • Startup Digest Baltimore – A weekly email filled with awesome events.

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