Successful People Are Happy

Because they are. And surely you’re saying “Brian, my dearest friend, is anyone making the argument that successful people are unhappy?”

Yes, but not directly. Allow me to explain…

One of the more awesome things about my role with the GBTC is that I get to meet a ton of very successful people, entrepreneurs from every walk of life. After meeting ten of these entrepreneurs, a trend started to emerge, and after the 50th the trend was fully established: 95% of hyper successful people are awesome to be around. Funny, engaging, and none of them take themselves too seriously, they’ve all learned that they don’t know everything, but are confident in what skills they have.

However, most ‘up and comers’ tend to be very serious, curt, confident in their ability but very slow to admit what they don’t know. Will not crack a joke, and make it known that they’re not here to crack jokes, they’re here to “get business.” But isn’t that contrary to the established trend? By acting grouchy and curt you’re actively dismissing the premise that successful people are happy – instead opting for the thought that successful people act “business like”… whatever that means.

Here’s the takeaway – If you want to be successful, emulate the habits of successful people. Quit taking yourself so seriously. This not only sets you back in likability (a key trait,) but you’re also probably stressing yourself out. Successful people are happy, you should be too.

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