The Art of the Intro

A big part of my job is connecting people, I talk to people who’d be good to collaborate, and I enjoy connecting them. You should be doing the same thing – you’ll find that making introductions will make people want to introduce you, making everyone much more … introduced.

To give you an example of what I’m taking about, here’s a real introduction email I sent:

To: Person of note
CC: Person being introduced
Subject: Introduction to Person being introduced

Hey (Person of Note),

Wanted to introduce you to (Person being introduced); He’s one of the smartest guys that I know, and is a developer and is now honing his business skills. He’s looking to get into Harvard, and is thinking about getting into the world of being a product manager, so I told him that instead of doing something silly like going to Harvard, he should chat with you first to see if his skill set would be useful on your team.

If you have some time, please talk him out of doing something crazy and getting straight into the work he wants to do :). Either way you two should be in touch, I think you’ll have a lot to talk about!


Some ground rules:

  1. Keep it SHORT. Introduction, who they are, why you should care, ask to follow up. Thats it. (This, by the way, is how you should be sending all your emails.)
  2. But not too short. “Frank, meet Bob, you should talk” does not cut it.
  3. Be a bit dramatic. Think of it like stage acting, you have to throw some big crazy hand motions to get your point across to the people in the back of the room. This person isn’t ‘cool’, he’s “ONE OF THE SMARTEST GUYS I KNOW.”
  4. Don’t introduce anyone you don’t want to risk your reputation on. ‘Cause that’s what you’re doing.

That’s it. Try out some combinations of this and let me know how it works. Any tips you could share from successful introductions would also be helpful!

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